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NEISD Board of Trustees

Susan Galindo, President, District 3

Letti Bresnahan, Vice-President, District 6

Sandy Hughey, Secretary, District 1

Shannon Grona, Trustee, District 5

Brigitte Perkins, Trustee, District 7

Jim Wheat, Trustee, District 4

Edd White, Trustee, District 2

The Team of Eight

The Team of Eight

NEISD Superintendent of Schools Brian G. Gottardy (standing, center) and Board of Trustee Members (L to R, standing) Jim Wheat, Brigitte Perkins, Shannon Grona, Edd White, (L to R, seated) Letti Bresnahan (vice president), Susan Galindo (president) and Sandy Hughey (secretary), make up the 'Team of Eight' for NEISD Leadership.

Susan Galindo

Susan Galindo


District 3

Letti Bresnahan

Letti Bresnahan


District 6

Sandy Hughey

Sandy Hughey


District 1

Shannon Grona

Shannon Grona


District 5

Brigitte Perkins

Brigitte Perkins


District 7

Jim Wheat

Jim Wheat


District 4

Edd White August 2012

Edd White


District 2

How to contact board members:

Written communications can be delivered or mailed to:
8961 Tesoro Drive, Suite 602
San Antonio, Texas 78217

Email communications can be sent to board members using

Contact Marie King, Office of the Superintendent, for specific information regarding board members.


We challenge and encourage each student to achieve and demonstrate academic excellence, technical skills, and responsible citizenship.


Academic Rigor, Excellence, Integrity, Security & Service

Policies and Regulations


NEISD will prepare our students for college and workforce readiness by challenging them to maximize their knowledge, technological skills, and potential for learning through both academic achievement and personal excellence.

NEISD will provide and maintain safe and supportive environments for our students.

NEISD campuses will serve as centers for community involvement.

NEISD will develop and promote positive relationships through communication, involvement and partnerships with our community.

NEISD will emphasize character development and civic responsibility.

NEISD will continue to use best practices in its efficient and effective management of District resources.

NEISD will recruit and retain exemplary employees committed to student excellence and professional development.

NEISD will foster a culture of health and wellness among our students, staff and community

Adopted 11-30-09


Since May, 1996, a single-member district system has been in place for the election of Board members. They are elected by the district in which they currently reside. They serve four-year terms. Elections are held during even numbered years. In May of 2012, Board members were elected in Districts 1, 4, 5 and 6. In May of 2014, Board members will be elected in Districts 2, 3, and 7.

Trustee Districts:


Board meetings are regularly scheduled on the second Monday of each month. School holidays are exceptions to this. Meeting dates are noted on the school calendar. At all regularly scheduled meetings, the closed session begins at 5:30 p.m. The regular open meeting convenes at 6:30 p.m. Special board meetings are called as needed. Notice of all board meetings is posted 72 hours in advance on a bulletin board located at the front entrance of the North East Education Center, 8961 Tesoro Drive. Regular Board Meetings are posted on the North East web page under Board Meetings.