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North East ISD - Health Services


If a student has a health concern and requires medication during the school day, a Medication Administration Request form must be completed by the prescribing physician. Students requiring procedures/treatments during the school day will be required to submit the Physician/Parent Request for Administration of Procedures/Treatment form. These forms must be completed annually and whenever there is a change of medication, dose, procedure, and/or treatment. The school nurse will contact the physician as necessary for information regarding student health concerns, medication, and procedures/treatments. Health concerns and related information will then be shared on an as needed basis with appropriate school staff to provide appropriate care for your student.


Asthma Medicine Plan English

Asthma Medicine Plan Spanish

Authorization to Carry and Self-Administer a Prescription Asthma Inhaler


Life Threatening Allergy Action Plan Emergency Care Plan

Authorization to Carry And Self-Administer Prescription Anaphylaxis Medicine

Food Allergy Action Plan


Authorization for Diabetes Self-Management

Diabetes Management and Treatment Plan Physician/Parent Authorization for Diabetes Care

Diabetes Medical Management Plan Supplement for Students Wearing Insulin Pump


Medication Administration Request

Physician/Parent Request for Administration of Procedures/Treatments  


Travel Consent Health Form and Medication Addendum to Travel Consent/Health Form 

Please contact your student's school nurse for any information or assistance concerning your child's health or development.